Fruit preparations

The starches in our product ranges Microlys and Lyckeby Careful clean label are well suited for the various kinds of fruit preparations in the industry.

Microlys is based on potato raw material. As such, due to naturally high viscosity of potato starch, the dosage can be decreased by 15‐20%, simply by replacing waxy maize or tapioca starch with Microlys.

This also reduces the need for flavours and provides your product with a more natural fruit taste.

For clean label ​​​​fruit preparations we recommend our Lyckeby Careful clean label starch for clean label fruit preparations.

Fruit preparations for dairy applications

The function of a starch in a fruit preparation for dairy applications is to provide a certain viscosity and a desired texture. Important is that the distribution of fruit and berries is even through all process and storage stages. In fruit preparations for yoghurt and other fermented dairy products it is important that the “fruit feeling” is maintained. The fruit preparation should also contribute to the final application, a so called carry‐over effect, thus providing stability to the finished product. It is also important that the filling is pumpable. When fruit preparations are used as ice cream fillings, the starch must be freeze stable.