Clean label starch, specialty starch and potato fiber

Lyckeby potato based food ingredients offer great opportunities for quality improvements and/or cost reduction in most applications and processes.

​​​We offer high quality clean label starch, specialty starch, fibers from our own production, to the food industry worldwide. 

Our aim is to deliver our products with a great portion of good service. That is why we offer free technical advice and application support to our customers.

All our products are manufactured in Sweden, mainly from our own raw material; potato, grown by contracted farmers. When required, we do use raw materials other than potatoes; for example maize.

Our starches are marketed under well-known names as Lyckeby,  Microlys, Trecomex, Opaset, Swely Gel and Swely Star.

Lyckeby Careful is the name of our clean label starch range.

Lyckeby Volume is a specialty starch for cost-efficient production of puff pastry margarine.

Lyckeby Keep is our portfolio of OSA starch för spray drying

Lyckeby CheeseApp is the range of speciality starches for processed cheese

Lyckeby CB is a family of speciality starches suited for coating solutions 

Our fibers are marketed under names such as Potex, Potex Crown.

On these pages we present our offer to the food industry by describing a number of applications where our products show excellent performance. The products themselves are also presented in brief words.

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We have, through our owners a solid foundation in the Swedish agriculture and through this access to Swedish grown potatoes as the base for our starch production.
We are placed the most southern part of Sweden, about one hours drive from the international airport of Copenhagen. Just outside the city of Kristianstad (Nöbbelöv), our head office, research and development center lies next door to our modern manufacturing plant for high quality food starches and fibers.​