Processed Cheese and Cheese Analogues

Lyckeby CheeseApp is a starch portfolio that enables cost-efficient manufacturing of high-quality processed cheese and cheese analogues. Moreover, important product characteristics can be designed by using Lyckeby CheeseApp starches in the recipe.

The Lyckeby CheeseApp starches are well suited for use in different processed cheese products i.e. blocks, slices, fillings and pizza toppings. The starches also perform excellent in vegan/dairy free products providing firmness and melting properties.


By substituting cheese or milk proteins in the processed cheese formulation substantial cost-savings can be made, also it is possible to make dairy free and vegan alternatives to cheese. The Lyckeby CheeseApp starches work as stabilizers and provide texture to the processed cheese. By choosing from the wide range of Lyckeby CheeseApp starches, the end product can be designed to meet specific requirements about texture, mouthfeel and melting behavior.


We offer customized cheese solutions

As a service, Lyckeby always offers technical expertise and application advice and customized cheese solutions to meet customer needs.



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