Soups, Sauces and Ready Made Meals

Our starch ranges Microlys, Opaset, Trecomex and Lyckeby Careful clean label starch cover most application needs for soups, sauces and ready made meals.

​​​​​​​​​​Soups, sauces and ready made meals is a heterogeneous group of products.        

Various expectations of texture, mouth-feel, viscosity, opacity, surface characteristics, flavouring, storage method, shelf-life, cooking methods etc, leads to large variation of production recipes and processes.  

This places high demands on the ingredients and knowledge of their function.       
Clear products:  Our Microlys product range is neutral in taste, provide high viscosity and a smooth, transparent solution with body and gloss.   
The starch also makes the sauce freeze/thaw stable providing an appetizing product even after after being frozen and reheated several times.  

Opaque products: Opaset range of modified gluten-free freeze/thaw stable wheat starches.    

Emulsion products and high fat products: Trecomex emulifying starch​ stabilizes an emulsion and, in combination with a thickening starch, produces a sauce with good storage properties, the desired fat content and requested texture.​​  

Clean label ​​​​Soups, sauces and ready made meals​: we recommend Lyckeby Careful clean label starch.