Vegan Solutions

For vegan products, Lyckeby offer a broad range of starches suitable for applications such as pizza topping, sauces and mayonnaise.

When making a vegan alternative to cheese, keeping properties such as firmness and melting is of great importance. Lyckeby CheeseApp range contains functional starches to manufacture high-quality end products with superior texture, melting and taste. 

Egg-free mayonnaise can be made by replacing the egg yolk with our Trecomex OSA starches.

Plant based alternatives to dairy products often require stabilizing ingredients to get a rich mouthfeel, viscosity or emulsion stability. The Microlys range is recommended for adding viscosity and mouthfeel, while Trecomex OSA starches can help facilitate the emulsion. For clean label formulations, use Lyckeby Careful.

When making meat alternatives based on vegetables and legumes, there are several challenges with texture. Lyckeby speciality starches and fibre can assist by binding water and oil, as well as improving processability and formability.