Lyckeby CheeseApp

Lyckeby CheeseApp is a starch portfolio that makes it possible to efficiently manufacture high-quality products in the processed cheese segment.



The Lyckeby CheeseApp starches are well suited for use in different kinds of processed cheese, cheese analogues, block cheese, individually wrapped slices, cheese fillings and pizza cheese. The starches are taste neutral without leaving any off taste to the final cheese product. CheeseApp is free from allergens and non-GMO. 

The range includes gelling, thickening and emulsion stabilizing starches. Lyckeby CheeseApp 30-70 contributes with properties such as elasticity, firmness, softness and brittleness. Lyckeby CheeseApp 10 is used for optimizing viscosity during production and CheeseApp 20 is used for preventing oiling-out/fat separation. By combining the Lyckeby CheeseApp starches the desired shredability, meltability, stretchability, sliceability, appearance and mouthfeel can be reached in the end product.