Lyckeby Keep

Lyckeby Keep is a speciality starch range used for production of spray-dried products.

​The speciality starches in the Lyckeby Keep range are designed for production of spray-dried products and cover broad range of applications:

  • Coffee whiteners

  • Fat powders 

  • Vitamins

  • Unsaturated functional oils

  • Flavours

Benfits: Reduced costs and less waste

A unique feature of Lyckeby Keep when compared to other encapsulating agents is its ability to form very stable oil-in-water emulsions.

The small particle size of the emulsion results in reduced losses during spray-drying.

Lyckeby​ Keep portfolio offers products with very low viscosity. These products allow preparation of emulsions at higher solids. Higher solids in the emulsions means faster rate of spray-drying and less water to evaporation – Cost-saving!