Trecomex OSA

Trecomex OSA has excellent emulsion stabilizing properties and can replace egg partly or completely in mayonnaise and dressings, making it allergen-free and vegan. Only a low dosage is required which makes Trecomex OSA very cost-efficient.

Using the Trecomex OSA-starches offers several benefits in oil in water emulsion systems and other type of applications with a need of stabilizing oil or fats

  • Replacing egg and milk proteins, enable allergen free and vegan products
  • Cost effective – used in low dosages
  • Create stable oil in water emulsion systems
  • Process tolerant and suitable in both hot and cold processes
  • Tolerant to low pH
  • Solutions to provide either creamy or firm texture
  • Improve body and mouthfeel
  • Neutral taste and colour 
  • Allergen free and GMO free

Different grades of the Trecomex OSA-starches are available. Trecomex OSA based on potato starch has an ability to provide firmness in the application. The waxy maize products does not add viscosity and give a more creamy texture to the final product. The Trecomex OSA-starches are often combined with other starches to provide texture and viscosity.