A proud 90-year anniversary for the Swedish starch producer

During the recent 90 years Lyckeby has made huge developments within the company and are proud to say that today Lyckeby is larger and more active than ever before. Pål Nilsson, Chairman of the board of SSF for Lyckeby Starch since 2009 concludes when we caught up with him.

In 2016, Lyckeby had contracted 6 350 hectares and the objective for 2021 is to have a starch potato cultivation on 7 500 hectares. To succeed with this objective, Lyckeby needs to recruit more skilled potato growers as well as develop our organization with large scale investments, Pål Nilsson concludes.

During these 90 years, Lyckeby has expanded and has practically grown out of the Swedish market, resulting in 80% of the production is exported.

Pål Nilsson explains that the company needs to constantly develop and grow to be able to distribute to our growers. To do this, the farmers confidence in the company is very important since major investments needs to be done. 

It is also important to always be in the forefront to minimize the impact on the environment, which we are doing by always improving our ability to process starch, fiber, protein as well as the fertilizer and feed that goes back to the farm.

Pål Nilsson has been active in Lyckeby for over 20 years and he says it has been a very exciting time.

There have been worrying during my active time in the company, remembers Pål Nilsson, but we have always chosen to believe in Lyckeby and to re-inforce our efforts in the company through for example, more investments.

Lyckeby has overcome barriers and reached ambitious goals in the past, more than one time. Now their next goal is to increase and reach 85 000 tons of potato starch by 2021.

To learn more about the Lyckeby group and its 90-year anniversary, click here. 

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