Consumers are serious about clean label

A study conducted by Label Insight in the US, confirms that consumers today want to be aware of what they eat but they get confused when reading the label on products. If they do not understand what the product contain of, they will consider changing to another brand.

83% of consumers have at times felt confused about the ingredients listed on the label and 35% do not buy a product when they find ingredients on the label that are confusing. Whereas, 54% would pay more for a product with a label with ingredients they know or recognize.

By choosing clean label, consumers feel they can trust the company but when companies fail to do this, it could break trust and make the consumer switch to another brand. Consumers today are willing to change their buying habits to be able to eat products they know what they contain of. Therefore, it is very important for companies to focus on clean labels. 

Consumers now want more information and to gain that, they turn to technology. With technology the consumers want to be able to gain facts about the ingredients and their purpose in product. In that way, they can more easily make a decision to buy the product with the shortest and simplest ingredients list.

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