Enrich and replace with a new protein

Lyckeby and its partner Gramkow, Brazil, introduced Lyckeby Potato Protein to a curious group of visitors at the Food Ingredients exhibition in Sao Paolo. There is a clear interest in alternative protein sources to be used for enrichment of food, but also replacing parts of the animal protein in products, concludes Lyckeby Product Manager Johnny Randrup.

An initial test order for the potato protein was immediately placed after the exhibition.

Lyckeby Potato Protein is a nutritious high quality, vegetable protein extracted from potato raw material cultivated in Sweden. It is well suited for enriching bread products that usually are quite low in protein. It offers a high DIAAS (Digestible Amino Acid Score) of 103% and can, therefore be used in low dosages.

Replacing part of the animal protein in processed meat products with Lyckeby Potato Protein offers several opportunities; lower environmental impact, increased health profile and substantial cost savings. 

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