Implementing blends at FrostFood

FrostFood is today an important customer of Lyckeby Culinar in Czech Republic. They manufacture a large range of frozen food meals dedicated for domestic and export markets. We wanted to find out more about the challenges in implementing new ingredient blends in a process. What factors are important? We got a chance to ask Veronika Adamcova, Development Manager at Lyckeby Culinar about the project.

We started to work with FrostFood in 2008. The aim for the customer was to create the right texture and bite for the frozen dumplings. We started to develop blends and conducted lots of lab scale tests in Culinarium, our application kitchen. Even if we got positive outcome from our lab tests, the challenge was still to move these results into the industrial process at FrostFood. Thanks to a close cooperation with our Sales Manager Dana Maresova, we managed to succeed in the end, remembers Veronika Adamcova. In terms on time, it took us and FrostFood almost two years before we could implement the blends commercially. 

Our blends include starches, flours, potato flakes and many other ingredients. I think that our most important role right now is to achieve a stable quality for FrostFood. We monitor fluctuations in humidity, color and other parameters and make adjustments to the recipes so the process runs smoothly at FrostFood. For us at Lyckeby Culinar, it is crucial that we take responsibility for quality. Together with FrostFood, we have managed to create a strong relationship based on the mutual ambition for consistent quality. We act as a reliable supplier with stable quality products and innovative ideas for them. 

One of the latest projects were gluten-free frozen dumplings and gnocchi. We are proud that these products are already sold in the market successfully, concludes Veronika Adamcova.

In the future, we hope to be able to implement new blends at FrostFood adding new taste and stabilizing properties. We work with new lab scale trials that hopefully can find their way into the industrial process again. 

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