Lyckeby CheeseApp starch range for processed cheese

Our new specialty starch range - Lyckeby CheeseApp - is exqusively developed and designed to improve product quality and profitability for producers of processed cheese.

​Using the Lyckeby CheeseApp starches offers several opportunities to processed cheese producers.

• Cost saving by replacing expensive raw materials  such as cheese, casein, milk powder, fat etc
• Substitution of dairy ingredients when supply is limited
• Achieving the desired texture and consistency
• Controlling melt and stretch
• Contributing to full body taste, even in products  with lower fat content
• Facilitating production by low viscosity during  production and full texture build up after cooling

The Lyckeby CheeseApp straches are all manufactored by Lyckeby and based on potato grown by our owners in the southern parts of Sweden.

Learn more about the Lyckeby CheeseApp starch range. 

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