Increased yield with the superman of fibers

The new training workshop – the Superman of Fibers – takes you through all the aspects in working with the Lyckeby potato fiber, Potex. During the last year, our application team has reviewed reports and recipes and conducted several application tests with Potex. The team is now ready to train our partners in a half day workshop – “the Superman of Fibers”.

The workshop is divided in three different sections and will take you through:

  • a theoretical basis about dietary fiber and specifically potato fiber
  • a practical section where you conduct your own meatballs and make experiments with fiber
  • and finally a tasting session including meatballs (Turkey), sausage, fruit bar, pulpy ketchup and whole grain bread

The most important benefits with the dietary fiber are the outstanding water holding capacity and the ability to endure mechanical share. These properties offer you the chance to enjoy more yield from your process. Our team has, for example, made Swedish meatballs with a 2% increase in yield when using a 1-1,5% inclusion of Potex. You will be able to make your own profit calculations in the workshop in order to verify if you can make savings thanks to Potex. There is a number of other tips and tricks for successful use of Potex.

Take the chance now and test Potex. Send a mail to Johnny Randrup and we'll make sure you get a sample of Potex! 

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