Looking to replace part of your Pectin?

Anna Randrup, Global Business Manager at Lyckeby Starch, started to work with projects to reduce the dependency of Pectin in 2015. The first challenge was a fruit preparation including 0,3% pectin.

​Lyckeby presented two different solutions for the customer, one with a 50% reduction of pectin and another with the pectin replaced in full. In this case, Microlys 52, a modified starch from Lyckeby was used.

Reducing the pectin with half the amount, our customer could save a staggering 50% of the total cost for thickening agents, comments Anna. Similar properties were achieved with the viscosity almost identical, but a slight change in texture, still acceptable for our customer.

There was also a possibility of making a great fruit prep with our clean label starch Lyckeby Careful 340, concludes Anna.

Apple and citrus peel pectin products are widely used in many food applications, including jams and fruit spreads, confectionary, fruit preparations for yoghurt, beverages, acidified dairy drinks and health supplements. Since the price of pectin has increased significantly during the last few years, more and more food producers investigate alternatives to decrease costs.

Another case has been a fruit preparation for a bake stable filling in biscuits. In this case, we could offer a 90 000 Euro yearly cost saving on a production of 1 000 ton fruit prep replacing the majority of the pectin with an inclusion of 3% Microlys 52, remembers Anna Randrup.

The comments from this customer was positive. They had tested several starches in many different applications and obtained finally very good results in general with the Microlys 52, especially as to baking stability.

Microlys is a modified starch derived from potato, based on selected smaller particle sizes, ideal to achieve the best mouth-feel in fruit preparations.

If you are considering replacing part of your pectin, please, contact Lyckeby Starch. We can arrange possibilities to work with our application team to secure the best possible recipe for your process. 

Learn more about the Microlys range here. 

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