Lyckeby Careful clean label starch

We are proud to launch a new modern clean label starch range that combines neutral taste, white colour and appetizing appearance with high functional performance.

​​​​Lyckeby Careful represents a unique range of high performing clean label starch that meets the industry’s need for well performing functional clean label ingredients as well as the consumers’ demand for tasty clean label products.

The Lyckeby Careful clean labels starch range offer 10 different products suitable for the processes used in applications like fermented dairy/yoghurt, processed cheese, milk based desserts, soups and sauces, chilled or frozen ready made meals and fruit preparations.

The Lyckeby Careful clean label starches are: 
• Neutral and clean taste
• White color profile
• Tolerant to low pH, shear, homogenization, heat and UHT
• Good storage and freeze- / thaw stability.

Please find more information about the Lýckeby Careful clean label starch range:

Lyckeby will present the clean label starch range during Food ingredients Europe in Paris, 1-3 December. Welcome to visit our stand: 6P7.​  
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