Lyckeby at CBM12 in Vienna

Driven by the Lyckeby strategic focus on sustainability, Kalle Johansson was sent to attend the conference CBM12 in Vienna, the 12th Carbohydrate Bioengineering Meeting. The conference is a network of stakeholders from academia and the industry, all interested in carbohydrate bio-engineering.

​At Lyckeby, we are committed to learn more about bio-chemistry. There are fascinating possibilities with green technology today, according to Kalle Johansson. As a key part of strategic development at Lyckeby, Kalle devotes his time to develop new products with the help of green chemistry and improve the value of side streams from our raw material potato. 

Kalle returned from Vienna with a number of interesting ideas to investigate. The challenge will be to select the best options for our company, says Kalle. The conference was the perfect opportunity to get to know other professionals with the focused interest in carbohydrate bio-engineering. There is a strong interest from the academic world to connect better with the industry. The currant gap between basic research in Universities and applied technology projects in the industry can sometimes be quite big.

One of the projects Lyckeby is working with currently has the aim to improve the quality of the Potato fiber. This could mean improved water holding capacity and/or strengthening prebiotic properties.

The CBM series started in the 1990s as an international meeting and conference for the major players in carbohydrate engineering. The CBM12 is managed by acib – the Austrian Centre of Industrial Biotechnology – and its partners.

Besides focusing on carbohydrate-active enzymes, a topic central to all previous CBM conferences, the CBM12 encourages contributions from all areas of carbohydrate bioengineering, including the technological application and industrial realization.

Read more about CBM12 here. 

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