Lyckeby Potato Protein - Creating new consumer value

Lyckeby Potato protein was sucessfully launched at the 9th Protein Summit 2016 in Lille, France.

​- We are really excited about all the positive feedback we recieved at our table, says product manager Johnny Randrup.

This protein ingredient create added consumer value when used as protein enhancer in bread or as animal protein replacer in meat applications.

We are very happy to be able to present Lyckeby Potato Protein, says Senior Food Engineer Kalle Johansson. Althoug we have long experience of manufacuring potato protein for feed, it has been a challenge to develop a food grade potato protein that meets the requirements from the food industry.

In terms of protein quality, Lyckeby Potato Protein is one of the best available vegetable protein sources to use. The product has a well-balanced composition of the essential amino acids.

The nutritional value of Lyckeby Potato Protein, measured with DIAAS, is comparable to soybeans or milk powder.

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