Lyckeby Starch AB invest SEK 100 million, improving the utilization of potato raw material.

The Board of Lyckeby Starch AB has decided to invest SEK 100 million in the Lister Starch Factory in Mjällby, Sweden.

In doing so, all fractions from the potato raw material will be utilized. The only remaining emission from the plant will be clean water.

- This investment involves installation of equipment that allows us to seize more fractions of the potato, says Executive Vice President and Production Manager Kristina Linde.

- Starch potatoes consist of 20 % starch, 1 % fiber, 1 % protein, 3 % minerals and 75 % water. When we are finished with the investment, we will, in addition to starch and fiber, include extracting the valuable protein in the potato raw material. Also, we will be able to concentrate the remaining potato juice so that it can be used as valuable organic fertilizer in agriculture.

The entire investment will be completed and put into use at the potato harvest starting in August 2017. A similar investment has recently been completed at the Lyckeby starch factory in Kristianstad, Sweden.

- We are very pleased with the outcome of this project says CEO Hans Berggren. The potato protein and fertilizers we are now producing at in Kristianstad, have been welcomed by the market. In fact, the demand exceeds supply, and we are sold out with good profitability.


- In total we process around 300 000 Mt of potatoes, of which about 80 000 Mt in the Lister Starch Factory explains Kristina Linde. We derive 65 000 Mt of native potato starch. Half of this is processed at our facilities in Lister for various uses in the paper industry. The products are marketed and sold by our sales company Solam.

The approved investment enables a capacity increase of the entire Lister facility in the future.

- Investing SEK 100 million in the Lister starch factory in Mjällby means that we look forward with great optimism to the future of all our potato-based products: starch, protein, fiber and organic fertilizers, concludes Hans Berggren.


Facts: Lyckeby Starch AB is owned by about 700 farmers in southeast part of Sweden. Lyckeby is represented with subsidiaries in Denmark, Poland, Latvia, Russia, the Czech Republic, China and through distributors in another 30 countries. The Group has sales of 140 M Euro and has about 500 employees.


For more information, please contact:

Hans Berggren; +46 44 585,

Kristina Linde; +46 44 28 61 58,


PRESS RELEASE 2015-06-26

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