Offering tips for a cleaner label at FIC Shanghai

Lyckeby Starch took part of a well-attended technical seminar at Food Ingredients China. The seminar was hosted by a close customer, Beijing Scitop Bio-Tech Co., Ltd..
The topic for the presentation was opportunities for a cleaner label with the help of Lyckeby Careful, the new range of E-number free starches from Lyckeby.

Edith Jiang, Application Team Manager, introduced the audience to the range of Lyckeby Careful starches.

An increasing number of consumers are today looking for "Clean labels" on the food they buy in the stores. Foods that are not only natural, good tasting and convenient, but also made of simple, recognizable raw materials and ingredients are prioritized.
The consumers' expectations of short ingredient list with reduced number of additives/E-numbers, challenge the food industry to develop new products and to reformulate existing recipes.

The Lyckeby Careful starch range includes warm swelling, cold swelling and gelling products adapted to the various process and application requirements in the food industry.
The Lyckeby Careful clean label starch portfolio serves a broad range of demanding processes in different applications.

Learn more about the Lyckeby Careful range here

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