Potex - the superman of fibers

Potex is a pure natural product produced from the cell walls from potatoes, where no chemicals are added during the process. It is a product that is very good at binding water and it can replace products such as fat, milk powder etc.

Johnny Randrup is Commercial Product Manager at Lyckeby and he is working with the Potex fiber, among other products.

Many customers today want a product with no additives, which this product is perfect for, since it is pure natural. The fiber is also gluten free and is therefore used in gluten free products to give them texture, says Johnny Randrup.

You can think of the Potex fiber as a "sponge" that binds water together and enlarges 10-25 times its own weight. Potex has many functional areas but the main characteristic is its ability to bind water in products, Johnny says.

Potex also has a very high ability to endure mechanical wear. In fact, when it is pasteurized and homogenized the Potex binds even more water. Resulting in that 85% of the Potex is used for meat products, such as sausages and hamburgers.

When adding Potex to a sausage, it does not only bind water but also contributes to the juiciness and the texture. 

Even though it is common to use Potex in meat products, it has a lot of other areas and products it is used for, where the product has different abilities depending on what type of product it is used in. It can for example be used in bread, cookies, pastries and much more.

Potex is also very endurable when it comes to freezing the food or heating it up. In some other products the water level changes after freezing the food but when adding Potex, the water level stays almost exactly the same both prior to freezing and afterwards, concludes Johnny Randrup.

Overall, it can be said that Potex properties is fitting to a very broad range of products.

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