Strong ties with Japanese market

After almost twenty-five years of cooperation with our Japanese partners Oji Corn Starch and Mitsui, Lyckeby have created an interesting business in Japan.

The recent exhibition IFIA 2017 in Japan generated lots of interest with four hundred visitors only to the Lyckeby booth. The main focus was on the recent launch of Lyckeby CheeseApp portfolio and on the Potato fiber Potex Crown. 

Mr Noda Toshiya and Mr Yogo Yasushi from our partners in Japan visited Lyckeby a few weeks back. This became a great opportunity for the Lyckeby company management to strengthen the business relations with Oji Corn Starch and Mitsui as well a chance to learn more about potato cultivation.

A study tour was arranged to the private farm of the Lyckeby chairman, Mr Pål Nilsson.

Lyckeby looks forward to invest more time and effort in our business in Japan. The market and consumer demands are very sophisticated, a fact that forces us at Lyckeby to continuously improve all our processes, concludes Pål Nilsson. 

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