The Lyckeby group delivers good results

The fiscal year September 2013 - August 2014 was successful for the Lyckeby Group which improved its result to 88 million (EBITDA).

​As a result, the payment for potato raw material increased, stimulating our suppliers to expand their plantations. For Lyckeby Starch this is very positive because it means increased access to raw materials in the coming years.

Picture of CEO Hans Berggren- All the Group's profit areas show improved resultat. I therefore look with confidence about the future, says CEO Hans Berggren.

- The starch business is in a heavy investment phase that will last for several more years. The result of this can already be seen in the form of increased production of protein and fiber and lower production costs.
Our Nöbbelöv factory will this year be fully developed. After that we start the investmentplan for our Mjallby factory.

​- During the year we increased the capacity of our plant in Nöbbelöv to receive 50 percent more potatoes.

- In our taste operations several large investments are now completed. With the improvements in productivity made, Culinar is very competitive.
- Foreign operations in the Czech Republic, Latvia, Denmark, Poland, Russia and China delivers good results.

- We now increase the market for the Group's products and hope that our good culture results and improved ability to pay will result in larger areas under cultivation of starch potatoes.
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