The best new products in 2018

We offer a broad range of cost-efficient specialty starches: clean label (E-number free) starch, modified starch, potato fiber, dextrin, OSA starch for spray drying and native/organic/ potato starch.

The latest innovations from Lyckeby are:

  • New Clean Label starch stable enough even for UHT-process – Lyckeby Careful 270, 290
  • Complete coating solutions for French fries and other fried food – Lyckeby CB
  • Full range of modified starches suitable to optimize processed cheese recipes – Lyckeby CheeseApp
  • New clean label solution for improved juiciness over time in soft cakes - Lyckeby Careful 250 C

Our products are developed and manufactured in Sweden in one of northern Europe's most modern facilities as well as in Latvia and Czech Republic.

We work across many applications: processed cheese, milk based desserts, mayonnaise and dressings, soups and sauces, chilled or frozen ready meals, coating and batters as well as fruit preparations.

Our products never come alone. We offer application support, technical knowledge and expertise by our starch and fiber specialists. Don't hesitate to contact us. 

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