Tips for a cleaner label

​It is important to make the labels shorter and easier to understand for the consumer. Removing additives with long difficult sounding names, replacing with ingredients which are perceived as more natural is a strong trend today.

Louise Rolander, application specialist at Lyckeby Starch, is working with development projects together with Lyckeby’s customers, where the goal often is to clean up the labels of the customer’s products. 

Many customers do not want the word "modified starch", but are looking for a label with only "starch", which is considered clean and is highly welcomed by the consumers. Removing additives means removing E-numbers in the formulations, which is very important for many consumers. 

This trend is the reason why Lyckeby have put a lot of effort into developing the Lyckeby Careful range.

There are products based on different raw materials such as potato and waxy maize, giving different properties in the final application explains Louise. We help finding the most suitable product for each customer project.

Lyckeby Careful has unique performing starches for UHT-processing, which due to the very tough processing is a difficult challenge when formulating cleaner recipes. Using a starch with suitable resistance to the temperature, the shear forces and pH is key to success. By using the highest resistant Lyckeby Careful products from the 300-range, 370 or 390, we have had great success even for the toughest processes.  

When asking which application areas she sees the highest interest in, the picture is that soups/sauces, often used in ready-made meals, is important. Besides this, dairy based desserts and fruit-preps are often re-formulated. 

Another important benefit of the Lyckeby Careful products is the neutral taste.

The starch itself should not bring taste or mask the taste in the application, and we are very proud and confident about the Lyckeby Careful products in this aspect.

Louise finishes off with offering the service of technical support to our customers, together with the Lyckeby Careful products comes guidance and help to incorporate the clean label starches in the customer's formulations. 

Learn more about Lyckeby Careful range here

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