Creating the unforgettable pizza cheese moment - using potato starch

Pizza and toppings with melted cheese is a loved delicacy all over the world. Everybody is looking for that perfect feeling of melted strings of cheese. Now, it is possible to make a pizza cheese using modified potato starch to get the right meltability and stretch.

Lyckeby CheeseApp is a range of starches made from potato you can use to get the right production economy. Potato is suitable as a raw material for processed cheese since it offers great gelling capacity, but most importantly potato doesn't taste anything. You can easily create a cheesy flavor without competing with off flavors from the starch.

Making processed cheese for pizza is complex where there are a number of parameters affecting the final product; such as process, recipe and ingredients. We make our pizza cheese in the lab using ingredients like rennet casein, skim milk powder, emulsifying salt, cheese flavor, vegetable fat, salt, water and three different modified starches from potato. All ingredients go into the Stephan mixer where it is blended and heated in different steps. The ready pizza cheese is stored in a fridge for 48 hours to achieve the right texture.

Finally, we shred the cheese and prepare the pizza slice for that perfect pizza moment. 

If you are interested to learn more about how you can make a great pizza cheese with the best cost-in-use, click on the link below, and we will send you our recipe along with a free sample of the modified starch used in the film. 

Learn more about Lyckeby CheeseApp here. 

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