Vegan Cheese Opportunities

Vegan cheese opportunities

Plant-based alternatives to dairy products are increasing in popularity, being consumed not only by vegans but also by people who choose to reduce their dairy consumption. This demands products of high quality and with high expectations of texture and taste.

Lyckeby CheeseApp is a range of speciality starches exclusively developed and designed to provide texture as well as controlling melting behaviour in processed and vegan cheese

There are many different types of natural cheeses with textures varying from soft and elastic to hard and brittle. Lyckeby CheeseApp range include starches that creates a large variety of textures to your vegan cheese.

Lyckeby CheeseApp 50 gives parmesan-like properties with a firm and brittle texture. It is also suitable in greek-style feta cheese. For getting the perfect vegan pizza topping, Lyckeby CheeseApp 70 provides a soft and elastic texture, with excellent melting properties.

In natural cheese, milk proteins play an important functional role. They are not only providing texture and mouth feel, but also emulsion stabilizing properties. When making vegan cheese there is a need for an ingredient that can mimic this important functionality. Lyckeby CheeseApp 20 provides emulsion stabilising properties, giving it a key role in all vegan cheese products.

The Lyckeby CheeseApp starches are based on potato and therefore neutral in taste. This means you can easily create a cheesy flavour without competing with off flavours. They are also allergen-free and free from GMO.

If you are interested in starches for vegan cheese or would like a sample of Lyckeby CheeseApp starches, please contact us! 

Learn more about our Lyckeby CheeseApp starch range here.

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