Why Potato brings out a better taste

Potato starch is often tested and compared with cereal starches like corn starch and wheat starch. Learn more about the unique properties of potato in this article.

Potato starch has a lower content of proteins and polypeptides and also a lower content of fat and lipid residues. This results in a very neutral taste compared to other starch raw materials. The starch itself is not supposed to give any taste to the product, Kristine Nilsson says, Commercial Product Manager at Lyckeby. 

That the potato starch has a very neutral taste is a positive attribute in taste sensitive products. For example, customers do not want to feel the taste of starch when they buy fruit preparations or other products involving fruit.

Another positive attribute with the potato starch is that it does not mask the taste of the products. If the customer wants a product were the taste is very important it can be highlighted with the potato starch and is therefore preferable from other starches, Kristine says.

Another fact about the potato starch is that it is transparent. It is transparent also because of the low content of fat and proteins, Kristine says. In some applications it is a big advantage with the transparency while it in others is positive with opacity. 

The potato starch does not taste and is transparent, but it brings texture and viscosity to the product.

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